Tax Deductions

All methods of donating on our website are Tax Deductible, except donations made to help missionaries with their personal expenses. These gifts are only made through the identifying”Rev Themi & Friends Trust” wording. Paradise 4 Kids operates under “Paradise 4 Kids Inc” incorporated in the United States, an approved Tax Deductible Charity under the IRS.

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United States of America

Paradise 4 Kids Inc has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Department of The Treasury acknowledged our status on Dec 11, 2013, effective from March 22, 2012.

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Full Financials can be viewed on the IRS website.


In Australia, Tax Deductible Donations receipts via our partner HADA (Health & Development Aid Abroad Australia Fund Inc.) under the regulations of AusAid and the Australian Government. Donations via HADA are Tax Deductions.

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Full Financials can be viewed on the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commissions website.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, on the 24 November 2017 we received from The Charity Commission for England and Wales our Registered Charity Number 1175916, while on 19 January 2018 we received our Gift Aid reference #EW86484.

Gift Aid allows individuals who are subject to UK income tax to complete a simple, short declaration that they are a UK taxpayer. Any cash donations that the taxpayer makes to the charity after making a declaration are treated as being made after deduction of income tax at the basic rate (20% in 2011), and the charity can reclaim the basic rate income tax paid on the gift from HMRC.

For a basic-rate taxpayer, this adds approximately 25% to the value of any gift made under Gift Aid. Higher-rate taxpayers can claim income tax relief, above and beyond the amount claimed directly by the charities. The rate of the relief for higher-rate taxpayers in 2011 is usually 20%, the difference between the basic rate (20%) and the higher rate (40%) of income tax, although recipients of dividend income (taxed at 10% and 32.5%) can achieve a higher rate of tax relief (22.5%).

Summary Audit letters: Not applicable to date.

European Union

In the European Union approved Grants are issued as directed by the member State of the EU the REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS. Tax deductions rules and regulations for EU Member States and regulations vary from Member State to Member State, please check with your adviser Paradise 4 Kids Certificate – Αρ. Μητρώου ΛΑΡ/I/3

Summary Audit letters: Not applicable to date.

Non Tax Deductions

Across the globe, all methods of Donating are Tax Deductible, and these funds are sent to the beniciaries without deduction of any remuneration by any persons, except banking, audit or government fees. All Tax Deductible funding are written up into grants and these grants are monitored by monthly and quarterly reports. However, in some cases, Tax Deductible funds cannot be used for certain works.

In the case of Australia; AusAid and the Australian Tax Office have stipulated the types of projects that are able to receive this status:

1. Welfare assistance, that is the running of a mission or institutions, like schools, orphanages Food banks, individual sponsoring and the like activities are expressly excluded; – Not Tax Deductible.

2. The sponsoring of individual students / children to go to school or projects such as clothing and food packages are not permitted.- Not Tax Deductible.

3. Whereas assistance to a community that will help the whole community is tax-deductible. Like building a Medical Center, but not the ongoing expenses of the Medical center, or building a School, but not the ongoing expenses of the school. 4. If a project, include microcredit, clean water supply or infrastructure benefiting the broader community as a whole, Tax-deductability is acceptable.

Things of this nature an idiocracy of government policy and so because many people have the expectation that fundraising for the 3rd World is to help feed and clothe, and support the ongoing operation of a mission, we have set up The Rev Themi & Friends Trust with Ezi Gift and PayPal options, which is a Non Tax Deductible Donation and therefore goes to welfare projects like Feeding and Clothing children and their families.

One of the other idiosyncrasies we have encountered over the last 20 years, is a person like Fr Themi, who refuses to accept any personal financial help, if it has been given Tax Deductible status. At first, this posed a challenge. However over the years individuals and corporations have extended the hand of friendship and have contributed towards Fr Themi’s personal expenses. Expenses like Food, Clothing, Medical and Travel.

This hand of friendship eventually evolved into the Rev Themi & Friends “Recurring PayPal buttons”. As of the publishing of this document, the Rev Themi & Friends recurring PayPal gifts are budgeted at $2,500 AUD each month, which he shares equally with his missionary sister Deaconess Mary Adams. The same principle applies to our other sponsored missionaries and missions.


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