Sponsor a Orphan

Paradise 4 Kids supports 100’s of
“In home orphans” (“In home” being those orphans living in sponsored missions own orphanages)  and 100’s “Out home orphans” (“Out home” being those orphans living with relatives);


We don’t get involved with individual sponsorship, but encourage supporters to sponsor the “Orphan Community” in the established sponsored projects.

By doing this we comply with all Government regulations on all 4 continents where Paradise 4 Kids are registered.

For more information or other methods of Donating email us on pk4a@pk4a.com

$50, €35, £35 every month,
can make a big difference; in fact

any amount, because no amount is too small.

Sierra leone

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, P4K support the Orthodox Mission run by Bp Themi.


In Saweni, Fiji, P4K support the Orthodox Mission run by the Nuns of the Orthodox Mission

Papua New Guinea

In Wah, PNG, P4K support the Haus Pikinini run by Donna Harvey-Hall


In Ndola, Zambia, P4K support Arising Life run by Joyce Chimbila.


P4K’s Mission & Vision

There are so many wrongs in the world that it’s daunting;
So we took the Pure & Faultless, the safest & easiest road, the road of helping the Orphans, the Sick, the Hungry, the Thirsty, the Poor & the Forgotten. We found people like Bp Themi, his siter Mary; Donna & Joyce; and the Nuns of St Tabitha’s, who have given everything thay have to help these children have a better life.

A life with Faith 4 Freedom; A life with Food 4 Growth;
A life with Education 4 Future.

All we need to do is give a little money every month, the change that’s in our pockets; the price of a packet of cigarettes; that’s all that is needed to give one of these Orphans a life with Food, Clothing & Education.

A Word

From Our Principal

“It’s hard to believe that we’ve been around since 1991. Just a group of people wanting to help the poor and make sure that the money was used to help the poor and not on advertising, wages & other expenses.

P4K is a full volunteer organisation, and no one gets paid or recieves any rumuneration for the work we do.

Donating through our official Programs & Grants ensures every cent goes to the Orphan Community of your choice. 

Since our incorporation our Audits show that over 95% of all donations are sent to the children intended and spent in accordance with our  donors instructions.


– Louie Toumbas

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