Haus Pikinini Orphanage PNG

Support Donna Harvey-Hall in her mission to develop a home for disadvantaged and orphaned children in Papua New Guinea, and help provide the love and support they need.

“I consider myself to have been privileged to have grown up in PNG although things never do stay the same and the PNG of today is probably not such a Paradise 4 Kids. But with a little bit of effort we can help to make it so.

I still have the passion that I can contribute to make the world a better place and this passion was instilled in me at a young age as I come from a family that has a strong sense of social responsibility. In PNG you can meet social responsibility head-on, or you can retreat behind your wire-topped security fence and think that you will just finish your contract and leave at the end. What a sad world if we cannot realise that life is not always as easy for others and children are the easiest and most fulfilling way to start to make a difference.”

“My name is Donna Harvey-Hall and I have always loved kids. I had five daughters of my own and I took on the responsibility of an additional 7 children and the short-term responsibility for many others. I must admit it would have been easier had I not been widowed at 38 under quite tragic circumstances but God provided me with a resilient spirit and we all soldiered on.

PNG people are just like people anywhere in the world; PNG children are very endearing and are not interested in having the latest Barbie doll or the newest PlayStation game. Life for them is much simpler and in most cases just boils down to basic survival and to somehow managing to have enough food in your stomach to keep the pain at bay.

Hunger is not something we ever fully experience in the Western world, but I am told that it is a very painful experience. Throughout the course of my life of running a business as a single mother and providing for my family I involved myself in the community and have held many public positions and served upon many boards-something not often done by women in PNG. I have represented PNG and PNG women in many capacities as often they are shy and withdrawn and their husbands do not allow them too much public exposure.

Having said that, I must emphasize that there are many emerging strong spirited Christian PNG women who are meeting the 21st century with a superior education and are high achievers in their own right. PNG people, when given an opportunity, are making their mark, spreading across the world and achieving high positions.

Our Mission

We all want a better life for our children. This is what civilisation is all about. Economic necessity forced me into the business world and economic necessity kept me there for far too long. Only now am I able to realise my dream and fulfil my commitment to PNG children and to my community and to establish a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children that I have long dreamed of.

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