Elias El-Khoury Orphan & Education Fund

Dedicated to Mr Elias El-Khoury Born 27th of April 1992

We invite all of the family & friends of Elias to join us and become a monthly sponsor.

For as little as $50 a month, we together can give children a future. 


Elias grew up in Melbourne Australia …

Elias El-Khoury was born Monday 27th of April 1992, to a loving family. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Elias had a natural ability to progress the lives of those around him.

From an early age, Elias enjoyed repairing things, from being a handyman around the house to eventually building multiple race cars and homes. It is when he pursued a career in building, where his true ability shone through, seeing the wrong where others could not see.

The only person to get away with risky humour, he wasted no days.

Throughout the most difficult times, he continued to persist with smiles, jokes and joy. He found happiness and honour in being helpful to the world.

There is not one person Elias did not positively influence, like his many meaningful tattoos, he has left a mark on us all for life, lighting the path to greatness, where no one else could.

With the help of Paradise 4 Kids, the beloved El-Khoury family and friends, Elias’ ongoing legacy is intended to support and assist orphanages as well as contributes towards educational programs for the community needs.


The administration of the fund will be managed by P4K and the Family of Elias, accodring to the rules and regulations of the ATO and HADA.

Benificiaries will be chosen from the already approved missions listed on the HADA website.

Benificiaries will be required to meet all HADA requirements including quarterly written & photographic reports on how and where the funds are spent.

Our Vision

The Elias El-Khoury Orphan & Education Fund was established to help Orphans and Underprivelaged children achieve a future, by providing a high quality education, health, spiritual and feeding programs.

It includes extending this care out to their families (or carers in case of orphans). In the years to come, that these children, who had no certainty of even survival, will grow to become a powerful force for God and good. By this they will transform their society.

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