Monastery of St John
of the Mountain

Support the upkeep and future developments of the Perth monastery, and the welfare of the monks that reside there, and keep this holy tradition of Monasticism alive.

The Holy Monastery of St. John of the Mountain is half an hour from the centre of Perth in Western Australia.

Saint John of the Mountain is Saint John the Baptist who is celebrated on the 24th June the feast of the birth of the Forerunner. Since 2005, the Holy Monastery of St John of The Mountain offers its ministry to the fellow man and its worship and devotion to the Triune God.

In addition to the buildings and other facilities offered, the Holy Monastery strives effortlessly for the religious and spiritual education and training of people in Christ. The teaching of the Greek language through the texts of Divine Worship, courses of Bible study, Church services in English, intensive courses of Byzantine Music and Iconography, holy confession and ministration of social work (chaplaincy) are some of the activities offered by the Holy Monastery.

All of these activities are interwoven with the prayer, remembering Saint Gregory Palamas words, ”all labours compares to nothing to the Prayer”. These words summarise the seeding of the spirit of monasticism growing in the remotest capital city in Australia, thanks to God.

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