Paradise 4 Kids has made every effort to ensure that every volunteer takes out their own appropriate insurance. However, as the information is a general recommendation and not enforceable, but only to serve as advice, no warranty is given in the safety of volunteers. Paradise 4 Kids disclaims all and any liability to any person in respect to any consequence of actions or otherwise based on information contained herein.

Paradise 4 Kids, has the ultimate authority to use donor contributions at its discretion in furtherance of its exempt purposes. We look forward to putting your contribution to good use in support those suffering from poverty, violence, sickness, and a lack of education in Africa, and throughout the world.

The website paradise4kids.org does not collect any personal data; The website paradise4kids.org website does not install any type of cookies to your device; When donating, paradise4kids.org do not store, record or copy any data; Donors are always redirected to safe secure & compliant sites such as Paypal, Ezi Debit, iTransact, Just Giving and alike institutions that have AAA rating security measures. Personal Data Protection is in force.

To comply with International Charitable guidelines, all tax-deductible funding send for missionary work must be written into a “Grant” and the funds can only be spent along the Grant Application guidelines. For example, if we apply funds to build an Orphanage, these funds can only be spent building the Orphanage; if we apply funds to feed the poor, we are limited to the manner and method in the grant as to how the funds are spent. All Grants are Community-based and Individual Sponsorship is not accepted.


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If you would like to get in contact with us, please send a message via the email form below. Alternatively, click ‘Contact Details’ to see if we have a local contact in your country. 

Head Office: Brisbane, Australia

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