Our work at P4K is made possible by the support of generous people. We rely on donations from people like you so that we can provide vital resources to those in need.

Rev Themi’s Mission

Select your country/region and follow the steps to donate to Rev Themi’s Orthodox mission in Sierra Leone.

Rev Themi’s Personal Living Expenses

Directly support Reverend Themi Adamopoulo in his personal travel, medical and living expenses, so he may continue to lead his mission in Sierra Leone through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Other Causes

Monastery of St John of the Mountain (Australia)

Support the upkeep and future developments of the Perth monastery, and the welfare of the monks that reside there, and keep this holy tradition of Monasticism alive.

St Tabitha Orphanage (Fiji)

Support the Orthodox orphanage in Fiji and contribute to the love, care and education of the orphaned and indigent children, from infancy to adolescence.

Haus Pikinini Orphanage (PNG)

Support Donna Harvey-Hall in her mission to develop a home for disadvantaged and orphaned children in Papua New Guinea, and help provide the love and support they need.

Arising Life Ministries (Zambia)

Support Pastor Joyce Chimbila in her work to counsel, feed and educate the orphaned, abused and neglected children in Ndola, so that they may find footing in their own lives.

 Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you would like to get in contact with us, please send a message via the email form below. Alternatively, click ‘Contact Details’ to see if we have a local contact in your country. 

Head Office: Brisbane, Australia

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