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P4K’s Help the Homeless Food Vans set themselves apart by being an entirely voluntary organisation with nobody receiving remuneration. One common purpose drives our volunteers; to make every cent raised, and every meal cooked, reach the people it is intended for.

Since Covid-19, job losses, rent rises, and benefit lags have severely impacted the vulnerable and driven the increase of homelessness and stress within our local communities. Even today many cannot recover.

For this reason, P4K established the Help the Homeless Food Vans program, to help feed and nourish the homeless.

Come rain, hail, or shine, our teams heads out and offer food relief, social connection, and referral pathways, to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness and disadvantage.

Our Help the Homeless Food Vans are council approved, and all supervisors hold Food & Safety Certificates and Food Handling Certificates.

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Help the Homeless

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Our Mission

The P4K Help the Homeless Food Vans aim to feed and nourish:

  • People at risk of homelessness/ people experiencing homelessness
  • Financially disadvantaged people
  • Migrants, refugees, or asylum seekers
  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Anyone in need of a nutritious warm meal

What We Do


Homeless people in the modern world are sometimes treated like Lepers just like in the times of Jesus.

They are ostracised and ignored; marginalised and stigmatised; governments try to help, but governments can’t reach out and hug a person, governments can’t participate in their community.

People fall through the cracks of life, they lose families, they lose jobs, they lose businesses;

They fall away from their community; they lose their way and fall on hard times and have no one or no where to turn to.

We, who have strong family ties; mothers & fathers, brothers & sisters, friends & family networks; community memberships of common interests, such as Faith, ethnicity and interests, cannot understand what it is to be alone in life.



Being homeless; living rough; surviving under the poverty line; (however you wish to describe it), is a community in itself, a community of the streets.

Sometimes they look after each other; sometimes they hurt each other, but most of the time they live and battle demons unable to shake the influence of drugs, alcohol and violence of every kind.

Paradise 4 Kids Community Kitchen is a small group who offer Christian hospitality, with a free hot meal, a free hug, a free prayer, showing the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Join us; Help us, help thoes, who cannot help themselves; thoes who need a leg up, who need a kind word, a gentle word and a kind smile.


Let’s Work Together!

Are you interested in supporting our mission?

Partnerships & Sponsors

By providing material assistance, a warm nutritious meal, blankets, toiletries, snacks, hot beverages and most importantly, companionship, our volunteers help foster genuine communities of friends.

We are looking to establish various community partnerships who can assist with providing:

  • Food produce
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Disposable/eco-friendly food storage containers and cutlery
  • Funding


As a volunteer, there are many aspects for you to get involved in, including:

  • Preparing nourishing meals
  • Distributing food
  • Arranging logistics
  • Compassion worker

For more information on how to support our Community Kitchen or to get involved as a volunteer, please complete the following contact form.

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