The World’s Game

Millions of Christians around the World play sport every week.

Sport is part of God’s good gift of creation. 

Sure, human beings are the ones who invent sports, but where does our playfulness come from? The creativity, the desire for human relationship, and the instinctive desire to play with all people, of all ages and across all cultures. 

It is all part of what it means to be made in the image of God.
(Genesis 1:27).

Make a Donation or Sponsor a Child in Sports

Select your country/region and follow the steps to donate to Rev Themi’s Orthodox mission in Sierra Leone.
We have Tax Deductible options in the below regions.
When donating just reference “Sports”.

In 2019 P4K initiated a Sports programm…

The term Football refers to many ball games in many different parts of the world.
But in Africa the word Football refers to Soccer, or the World’s Game (the Beauitiful Game).

In 2019, one of our supporters asked if we had a footbal team? when the answer was No, so he suggested we create a team that he would support and sponsor.


Orthodox FC & HADA FC

The Orthodox FC and The HADA FC

Our first foray was in 2019 we called ourselves Orthodox FC participating in Church and School football competitions in Sierra Leone.
After winning all our divisions competitions we moved into the Club division calling ourselves HADA FC after our sister Charity HADA Australia.
Both teams exist and each feed one another promoting sporting oportunities to the most talented players. 

To us this is just another way to help the poor lift themselves out of poverty into a life with Christ.


 Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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Head Office: Brisbane, Australia

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