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Biography – Themi – Apostle To The Hungry

Biography – Themi – Apostle To The Hungry

"A rock star, atheist, Marxist, world-class theologian, African missionary, and a Greek Orthodox Bishop all in one lifetime? Bishop Themistocles Adamopoulo's story reads more like a bestselling novel than a biography".Skeptics say there are no genuine Christian heroes...

Queensland – Cans 4 Kids AU

Queensland – Cans 4 Kids AU

AN INITIATIVE BYPARADISE 4 KIDSWHAT WE DO Cans4Kids aims to raise funds and awareness for donating to Paradise 4 Kids by recycling cans, bottles, and containers through Containers for Change. We hope to encourage families, children and businesses to collect their...

The Angliss Fundraiser Melbourne

The Angliss Fundraiser Melbourne

 Sat 17th     Sept 6pm The Angliss Restaurant 550 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Max 130 Seats Only be quick ON THE NIGHT LATEST NEWS FROM THE MISSION IN SIERRA LEONE FROM HIS GRACE THEMISTOCLES BISHOP OF NIKOPOLIS AUCTION, RAFFLES, STALLS...

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