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PK4A & P4K are full volunteer organisations raising funds for Faith, Food and Education in the poorest nations on Earth. We sponsor missionaries recommended to us by Orthodox Monk Rev Themi Adamopoulo, who has served in Africa for over 20 years from the East Coast to the West Coast. Rev Themi’s mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet the human needs, in the name of Jesus and through the love of Jesus without discrimination.

On average, over 90% of all funds collected for Approved Grants are sent to Africa to be dispersed by Rev Themi

PK4A & P4K pay no salaries, have no staff, operate no offices, own no property, with all work and workers being voluntary.

In the United States approved Grants and Tax deductions are issued as directed by IRS rules and regulations under…..

In the United Kingdom approved Grants and Tax deductions are issued as directed by HMRC rules and regulations under…..

  • Paradise 4 Kids INC application lodged.

In Australia approved Grants and Tax Deductions are issued as directed by AusAid/ATO rules and regulations under under our partner charity….

In Australia, P4K-AU, Paradise 4 Kids – AU, Paradise Kids 4 Africa and PK4A are Trade Marks of Good News Text Pty Ltd as trustee for the Rev Themi & Friends Trust.

Paradise 4 Kids, Inc. has the ultimate authority to use donor contributions at its discretion in furtherance of its exempt purposes.  We look forward to putting your contribution to good use to support those suffering from poverty, violence, sickness, and a lack of education in Western Africa, the United States and throughout the world

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