Why Capitalism Works

If you’re a Communist or Marxist, and come to Christ, you’re Christianity will have a Communist or Marxist lean; If you’re a Modern Socialist and come to Christ, you’re Christianity will have a Modern Socialism lean; And, if you’re a Capitalist and come to Christ, you’re Christianity will have a Capitalist lean.
Some will argue Communal living is what the Gospels teach; but again that only works if you have money to start with and can become self sufficient, which then leads to closing itself off from the world and usually ending in a sect with a dictatorship in control. Where you come from has a great deal of influence, as to where your Christianity will take you. Jesus loves us regardless of where we come from, he only cares what we do with our lives after we take him as our Lord and Savior.
The last commandment Jesus gave us was “Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”, so how exactly did he think the Apostles would do that?.

Fr Themi has said over and over again that “I can do nothing without the Rich”.
St John Chrysostom said the
“Rich exist for the Sake of the Poor & the Poor exist for the Salvation of the Rich”
The Holy Bible is full of Parables, Stories and examples of the “Righteous Rich” helping the Poor in the name of God.
From Genesis to Malachi we see examples by Abraham, Boaz, David, Solomon and so many more; Where we read words such as -:

Wealth and riches are in the house of the righteous Rich, and his righteousness endures for ever.

Even in darkness light dawns for the righteous Rich, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.

Good will come to righteous Rich who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice

​He, the righteous Rich has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor, his righteousness endures for ever.​

​But it is in the New Testament and in the Early Church writings do we see the Righteous Rich become the “Philoptochos” – friends of the poor, the sick, the destitute.
People like Zacchaeus the tax collector, Joseph of Arimathea, Philemon, Joseph called Barnabas, Lydia, Cornelius the Centurion, The Ethiopian Treasurer and the list goes on on on.
​Righteous Rich men & women, who helped the poor by creating Hospitals, Orphanages, Social Welfare, Schools, Universities; Righteous men & women who spearheaded medical breakthroughs, pushed the boundaries of science, use their God given talents to invent, to develop, to produce new and great opportunities for their fellow humans;
all for the Glory of God. .
​Without the Righteous Rich the world would look and be a different place.
​Although opinions of capitalism may appear compatible or incompatible with Christ’s teachings, the Bible never specifically endorses or refutes free enterprise. Neither are markets anywhere condemned, only the sinful actions of those abusing others. Markets offer freedom, which amplifies character. Without room for good or ill, morality is irrelevant.
​Capitalism wonderfully fulfills the supply half of economics. It says nothing about applying the output. Free enterprise bestows bounty extraordinarily well, but Christian compassion remains a vital complement filling the gaps. Charity is necessary helping those incapable of fending for themselves.
​Benevolence is best done privately through evangelistic outreach. Charity ought not to enable those who could, but won’t provide their own needs. Nor can voting others’ wealth into your coffers be supported scripturally, and Government welfare is often counterproductive and un-biblical.
​Capitalism is the best platform man has yet devised. However, the Bible consistently condemns its corruption by sinful men and Scripture allows other systems. Communalism if private and voluntary can certainly reflect Christianity well, but will inevitably collide with human nature.
​Jesus invites us to have a personal relationship with him; and it is that personal and individual relationship with the creator that spurs us on to work for the benefit of the poor;
not because we must or because we are forced to, but because we want to, because we realize the blessing we have in knowing Christ is greater than anything we can accumulate or even imagine;
and in that knowledge, we want to be like Jesus and help our brothers and sisters, our neighbours and even our enemies.
It was and still is, the Church that takes care of the poor;
From its beginnings in the Book of Acts, in the Apostle Paul’s travels to Rome and Athens and in the works of all the other apostles and their followers, it was the new group called Christians that took in Orphans discarded in the streets, it was this new movement called “the Way” that cared for the sick & elderly.
And as “the Way” became stronger in the teachings of Jesus, it was the Christians that built the Hospitals we see today in every city of every nation around the world; It was the Righteous Rich who through saints like Basil, building Schools, Universities, Orphanages, community welfare developments and organizations that are still operational today.
Fr Themi, is one of these men;
He gave up everything he had and followed modern greats like Mother Teresa;
From the stage of Rock n Roll,
from the classroom of theology & philosophy,
from the comfort of the 1st World,
to the slums of Africa.
These are his values.
It was capitalists who build Fr Themi’s Orphanages, it was capitalists who built Fr Themi’s schools and it’s capitalists who sponsor his works of free education, free medical, free food and free social welfare.
Individuals & Corporations of faith, with a corporate social conscience giving and expecting total and full transparency, expecting true charity;
demanding accountability & transparency.
​Your checkbook is a diary of your values. God calls believers to be compassionate, merciful, and just to all. Does your checkbook reflect such values? Does it show a pattern of godly concern for ​the poor​’
​If you have a mattress to sleep on, you are rich!
If your have electricity, you are rich!
If you have water running from a tap, you are rich!
We ask you to join the ranks of the righteous Rich and consider sponsoring Fr Themi and his works.
Rich or poor, bond or free, a little or a lot, Fr Themi needs your help to build his Hospitals, build his Orphanages, build his Schools, to Feed his poor, Clothe his poor and they are his;
he walks with them, he eats with them, he suffers just like them;
And he does this all, for the Glory of Jesus Christ.
Visit – https://paradise4kids.org/ & join with us.
In memory of
Nikos Mouyiaris
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