If you are considering a visit to Africa as a Volunteer, please download, read and submit documentation on the following page to and we will get back in contact with you.

P4K Volunteer Info pack 2020

Travel & Volunteering Insurance

Travel insurance is Highly Recommended for all volunteers participating on Paradise 4 Kids programs abroad.
To help Paradise 4 Kids volunteers source the right kind of insurance, we recommend World Nomads and Good Missionary Insurance, the leaders in insurance for independent travelers.
World Nomads offers a range of policies that are suitable for
volunteering abroad and can be easily extended to cover travel before
or after a volunteering experience.
They are also very competitively priced,
recommended by Lonely Planet, and underwritten
by the likes of Bupa, Lloyd’s and Millstream.
At Good Missionary Insurance we know about support raising and tight budgets,
so you won’t see lots of frills and extras in our health plans – in order to keep your costs low.
We also know that you want and need good missionary insurance,
so we have carefully selected the best budget-friendly plans.
For those looking for more features and an additional level of protection,
we have “Platinum” plans available just for you.
Most of our short-term plans are around $1-2 a day (or less!) depending on age. Long term plans will depend on your health, age, and location.
Let us help you locate the most affordable plan that fits you best.
We know which are good for young families, for singles, for hazardous locations or those far from western-style medical facilities.
Disclaimer: Paradise 4 Kids has made every effort to ensure that every volunteer takes out their own appropriate insurance. However, as the information is a general recommendation and not enforceable, but only to serve as advice, no warranty is given in the safety of volunteers. Paradise 4 Kids disclaims all and any liability to any person in respect to any consequence of actions or otherwise based on information contained herein.

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