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Who among you can serve?

My name is Dr. Sergio Castillo, ​for the past 18 months ​I​ am in charge of the medical project of the Orthodox Christian Mission in Sierra Leone, West Africa led by the Rev. Father​ ​Themistocles Adamopoulos​ and my tour of duty will shortly come to an end.​

We are a cooperative mission supported by ​the​ charity of people around the world and​ ​other assistance loans​. We offer ​completely free medical care to orphans, disabled, preschoolers and their families, with ​a​ population of approx. 2,000 people and more than 300 patients a month​, the need for medical care in Sierra Leone is great​.​

We are seeking Medical volunteers ​in areas of high need​ and​ ask ​their consideration and cooperation with medical and / or paramedical assistance to continue bringing care to our 2 clinics in Waterloo and Freetown.

This would be a great opportunity for students and / or health professionals to test their skills in areas of extreme need.

In addition, we are willing to provide some facilities like transportation and accommodation among others which can ​be ​discuss​.​

Current Challenges

The World Health Organization recommends, as a minimum standard, one physician for every 5,000 inhabitants of a geographic area. Many West African nations fall far short of this criteria. Burkina Faso, Benin, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Niger and Mali all average less than ten physicians per 100,000 inhabitants.

This staffing crisis is also present in nursing and hospital administration. Despite the fact that Africa, as a continent, accounts for over 40% of the worlds communicable diseases, it comprises less than five percent of the global health workforce. Unfortunately West African nations are not producing healthcare workers at the rate of demand.

This and many other challenges has produced a system where instead of making systemic changes to the current healthcare structure that would aid in the production and maintenance of a larger workforce, there is a culture of anticipation and need for the next available foreign assistance to provide relief to a poorly functioning arrangement.

The Work

In many developing countries, such as Sierra Leone, charitable organisations such as the Orthodox Church, work on the front line of the public, establishing medical facilities and supporting local public community health systems, educating locals, and providing service, care and necessities to the sick.

It has been widely acknowledged that by their dedication and involvement in large-scale epidemic outbreaks, such as EBOLA, yellow fever, malaria, and cholera, that these Free Clinics prevalent many preventable diseases in many developing countries​.​

What You will Do

Primary services include
* health education;
* the promotion of proper nutrition;
* the provision of safe water and basic sanitation;
* the provision of maternal and child health services;
* family planning;
* immunization against major infectious diseases;
* the prevention and control of local endemic diseases;
* appropriate treatment for common diseases and injuries;
* the provision of essential medicine.​
and the sharing of whatever skills available to us


Guard the continuity of care in the clinics and the work in the educational project.
Coordinate the education of the local staff (medical, language skills, official courses,..).
Financial management of the clinic. Human resources management (local staff). Technical management (cleaning, taking care of the house etc). Reporting and consultation with Father Themi. General consultations in the clinic (together with local health promoters).

Available for emergencies, transfer to the hospital if needed. Prevention: organization of community education about different subjects (family planning, hygiene …).
HPV has the final responsibility about all medical decisions. Have creative solving problems skills. Experience in low resource settings, pediatrics or infectious diseases is a big plus. Promote the clinic in a local and international level. Being humble and open minded to be part of a religious mission and their programs.​

It’s not a Holiday

All the medical service and medication is COMPLETELY FREE
We are available for emergencies 24/7 (just serious emergencies)
We manage 2 clinics at Waterloo and Freetown
We have basic medical supplies and equipment but we are constantly improving to be more self sufficient.

Working Timetable


General consults at Tower Hill (target population=adults)
Mondays and Tuesdays 9:00–13:00 and 14:00- 17:00


General consults at Waterloo (target population= kids and elderly)
Wednesdays to Fridays 8:00–13:00 and 14:00–16:00
WEEKENDS Saturday: Resting day, personal activities
Sundays: Church or/ and resting day.


Morbidity March 2019.​
High blood pressure 10.9%
Unspecified intestinal infection 20.5%
Unspecified laceration 16.8%
Unspecified respiratory infection 26.4%
Malaria Sp 25.5%

Patient Numbers

15 to 25 daily and growing.​

What we can offer


What you need to do

INSURANCE – see recommendation at End of Page.
You have to arrange travel insurance yourself. It may be difficult to obtain working as a volunteer, Often it’s better just to mention that you are going on a large trip.

You have to get vaccinations for: hepatitis A and B, tetanus, typhoid fever, poliomyelitis (often together with tetanus) and yellow fever. You can consider a vaccination for rabies.
Be aware you need your yellow fever certificate before you start traveling.

If necessary: arrange your documents for a sabbatical from your job Check out if you need a visa for Sierra Leone. If you do please be aware where the closest Sierra Leone embassy to you is.
Arrange your mandate for the elections before leaving (if possible or necessary)
Bank: inform your bank you are leaving the country to be able to use your cards in Sierra Leone
Certificated copy of your medical degrees and achievements in English (at least 4 copies)
Copy of your insurance policy
Curriculum vitae (at least 4 copies)
5 passport size photos of you.


Your passport and visa of course.; Universal electrical plug; Certificated copy of your medical degrees and achievements; If possible: a laptop or an external drive; Your favorite books; Sun protection and mosquito repellent; Raincoat; Good shoes (mud, rain, etc.)
Dollars or Euros (can be changed by arrival anywhere in an emergency case)
One nice dress or formal shirt and a tie for formal meetings. (important)

The region of Freetown and Waterloo is usually safe for foreigners, however this may not always be the case. It is important to travel during day as much as possible, to watch your luggage during travelling, to keep your passport and money close by, and not to keep all of your money and credit cards together in one place.
Make a copy/scan before leaving of your passport and flight ticket and save it in your email inbox. That way, you will always have access to it. Copies of all the important documents are essential.
You can change dollars to Leones in the airport, be always aware of the local rate using a rate app such as XC currency to get an idea and pay a fair price.
We’ll pick you up from the airport in Sierra Leone,
No worries, you are part of our family now and we’ll help you as much as
possible. .​


Paradise 4 Kids representatives are present in all parts of the world, operating Charities in Australia, the USA, the UK, Cyprus and Greece.

We welcome you to contact Fr Themi direct on, or
our contacts here -:

Contact P4K-AU (Australia)

Contact P4K-USA (United States)

Contact P4K-UK (United Kingdom)

Contact P4K-Cy & Gr (European Union)


Please read – Visitor Rules Regulations, Suggestions & VISA
Please Complete – Visitor & Volunteer Request Information Page
Please Complete – Visitor / Volunteer Commitment Agreement

Travel & Volunteering Insurance

Travel insurance is Highly Recommended for all volunteers participating on Paradise 4 Kids programs abroad.
To help Paradise 4 Kids volunteers source the right kind of insurance, we recommend World Nomads and Good Missionary Insurance, the leaders in insurance for independent travelers.
World Nomads offers a range of policies that are suitable for
volunteering abroad and can be easily extended to cover travel before
or after a volunteering experience.
They are also very competitively priced,
recommended by Lonely Planet, and underwritten
by the likes of Bupa, Lloyd’s and Millstream.
At Good Missionary Insurance we know about support raising and tight budgets,
so you won’t see lots of frills and extras in our health plans – in order to keep your costs low.
We also know that you want and need good missionary insurance,
so we have carefully selected the best budget-friendly plans.
For those looking for more features and an additional level of protection,
we have “Platinum” plans available just for you.
Most of our short-term plans are around $1-2 a day (or less!) depending on age. Long term plans will depend on your health, age, and location.
Let us help you locate the most affordable plan that fits you best.
We know which are good for young families, for singles, for hazardous locations or those far from western-style medical facilities.
Disclaimer: Paradise 4 Kids has made every effort to ensure that every volunteer takes out their own appropriate insurance. However, as the information is a general recommendation and not enforceable, but only to serve as advice, no warranty is given in the safety of volunteers. Paradise 4 Kids disclaims all and any liability to any person in respect to any consequence of actions or otherwise based on information contained herein.

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