Who Are We?

In essence we are a group of ordinary people, some calling themselves Christians, others just calling themselves Humanitarians coming together to make a difference in peoples lives who may never have the opportunity otherwise.

All workers are Volunteers and no one receives any remuneration for the work we do. We have no offices, no equipment and every cent we raise goes to some organisation in need.
Some of us are business people, some of us wage earners and some retired; but all looking to make every cent/penny we donate and raise, reach the people it is intended to.
We operate under “Paradise 4 Kids Inc” (P4K-USA) in the United States, a approved Tax Deductible Charity under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
In Australia we offer Tax Deductible Donations receipts via HADA – Health & Development Aid Abroad Australia Fund Inc (P4K-AU) under the regulations of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and in the United Kingdom we operate under Paradise 4 Kids (P4K-UK) operating under the guidelines of Gift Aid (application lodged).
For every cent/penny we raise, 10% stays in our respective countries to help the children in need. It is in the UK, US and Australia that we are bona fide charities with checks and balances in reporting to a Board and our respective governments, and since inception no less than an Audited 95% of all funds find its way to the ground; the 5% is spent for Bank & Transfer fees or Accounting and Audit Fees.

Why ?

We support people who work for the right reasons and who are accountable and transparent.
Raising funds is just half the job; making sure it is spent properly and frugally is the most important issue any charity has.
And for this reason we have chosen men and women who were once like you and I, living in a world of plenty, who gave up everything they had, and left the comforts of the western world, to live and work as the poor, in the same surroundings, the same environment as the ones we look to help.
Not everyone has the capacity to help the poor, some are called to raise funds, some are called to sit behind a desk, some are called to work for short periods of time, and in our case we look for those rare persons who are called to live as the poor for the poor.
In our search by trial and error, we found the best persons that fit our criteria were men and women of faith; people who followed a code of practice that is more important than their image, more important than ego’s, more important than a resume and much more important than their own lives.
These sets of criteria usually lead us to missionaries who happen to be priests and pastors in the church. Priests and Pastors who work together as one because in poverty, everyone helps everyone or people die. In Africa, our search led us to Rev Themi Adamopoulo, a man born in Africa, raised in Australia, educated in the US and a monk of the Orthodox Church.
Once a rock n roll star, playing alongside such greats as the Rolling Stones, this man could have ended up a star of music or a politician in the halls of government. But somehow his Marxist beliefs and struggle for equality for the working man, this intellectual academic who once graced the halls of institutions such as Harvard and Brown, is now our man on the ground in Africa.
In Papua New Guinea (PNG), we search for Educators seeking to offer free education in remote areas; we look for provinces that we can partner with us for Faith, Food, Education and Health

Fr Themi

Fr Themi does not belong to, nor preside over Paradise 4 Kids, he neither controls the organisations nor receives any remuneration by them; and Paradise 4 Kids does not belong to Fr Themi; Paradise 4 Kids is just a sponsor to the works for the Orthodox Church and in particular Fr Themi.
Paradise 4 Kids do not build church’s but concentrate on helping communities raise themselves out of poverty by way of building medical centres, schools, orphanages and community projects in hygiene, food and accommodation for the poor.
Not all Board members in Australia, the USA, UK, Africa or PNG are Christians, but every board member is overwhelmed and fully committed in supporting his efforts, every board member has full confidence in his stewardship and unquestionable character.
Our work and missions can be summed up in three words, Faith, Food and Education, and from missions in the Africa to missions in Papua New Guinea, our organisation helps missionaries all around the world including places like Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, the Congo, Philippines, India and Romania just to name a few.


Contact us

Paradise 4 Kids Australia, (P4K-AU) is a full volunteer organisation in Australia
operating as a sister organisation with Paradise 4 Kids Inc USA (P4K-USA)
Paradise 4 Kids Cyprus (P4K-Cy) and Paradise 4 Kids Inc UK (P4K-UK).
No person or persons receive any remuneration.

International Head Office – Brisbane, Australia
International Director – Louis Toumbas, Email: pk4a [at] pk4a.com
Cell/Mob: +61 411 739 379
Postal Address – Po Box 5777 West End, 4101, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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Paradise 4 Kids Inc United States, (P4K-US) is a full volunteer organisation
in the US operating as sister organisations with Paradise 4 Kids
UK (P4K-UK) and Paradise 4 Kids Australia (P4K-AU).

United States Head Office – WEST CALDWELL, NJ. USA
President – Gigi Souritzidis, Email gigi@paradise4kids.org
Cell no: +(1) (973) 650-9510
Treasurer – Linda Chelius, Email linda@paradise4kids.org
Cell no: +(1) (973) 865 6796
Fax: +18623678228
Postal Address- 3 ALDRIN DRIVE, WEST CALDWELL, NJ 07006, USA.


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Paradise 4 Kids United Kingdom, (P4K-UK) is a full volunteer organisation.
In the UK operating as sister organisations with Paradise 4 Kids Inc USA (P4K-USA),
Paradise 4 Kids Cyprus (P4K-Cy) and Paradise 4 Kids Australia (P4K-AU).
No person or persons receive any remuneration.

UK Head Office – 207 Wolverhampton Road
Pelsall, WS34AW
UK Director – George Tsiappourdhi
Cell/Mob +44 [0] 773 806 2863

P4K Cyprus (Portrait)

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Το Paradise 4 Kids Cyprus (P4K-Cy) είναι ένας πλήρως εθελοντικός οργανισμός.
Στην Κύπρο ενεργεί ως θυγατρικός οργανισμος όπως και μαζί με τους αδελφούς οργανισμούς Paradise 4 Kids Inc. USA, (P4K-USA),
Paradise 4 Kids United Kingdom (P4K-UK) και το
Paradise 4 Kids Australia (P4K – AU).
Κανένα άτομο ή και άτομα λαμβανάνουν τον οποιοδήποτε μισθό για την εργασία τους στους πιο πάνω οργανισμούς.

Γραφείο P4K – Cy: Αγίου Αυξεντίου 12, Αραδίππου, 7101, Λάρνακα, Κύπρος
Διευθυντής P4K – Cy : Ζαχαρίας Συμεού
Τηλεφωνο: +357 97902992

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