About Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is the most effective and rewarding way to help give children better futures.
Here’s how it works
Changing a Child’s Life.

In the 3rd World, life is different and impossible to imagine for a 1st worlder.

Try to imagine your child, your family with No running water, No constant electricity, No time for education, No time for play; children as young as 5 years old roam the streets from an early age begging and trying to scratch a living for their parents and other siblings.

Without creating a safe and loving community with Christ as its center,
it is impossible to change a Child’s life.

Changing a child’s world.

That’s why all sponsorship donations are pooled together to support projects and activities designed to meet local community needs and transforming the world where the children live.

It is impossible to shower one child amongst hundreds, amongst thousands with support and neglect their siblings, their class and school friends or their parents.

Preparing for a brighter future.
P4K currently supports two Community Projects :-

(1) The Orphan Community Care Program where your sponsorship is pooled with others to develop the lives of Orphans by way of Faith, Modern Accommodation, Food, Clothing, Education, Health Care and every facet of the lives of Orphans.

(2) The Education Community Care Program where your sponsorship is again pooled with others to develop Education opportunities for all Children living in the local community, by way of Modern Facilities, Free Education from Kindergarten to University.
Enabling children to lift themselves out of poverty and following a path to independence & prosperity.

As a monthly sponsor, you’ll know you’re supporting work that helps prepare and equip our children’s community to continue its own development activities, within a Christ centered environment.

Your monthly support ensures the regular delivery of Faith, Food & Education, its helps us budget resources and gives our beneficiaries like Fr Themi security in their works.

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