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Paradise 4 Kids

Syke St School

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A P4K-AU/P4K-USA Sponsorship

Situated in the heart of Freetown, the school was left abandoned during the war and reopened in a dilapidated state. In 2008 the Freetown Council and the Education department handed the operation of the school the Orthodox mission and Pk4A-AU/P4K-USA began sponsoring its refurbishment and operation. Below is a short video of its BEFORE state.

Since the take over in 2008, the school has had a massive clean-up with a security fence built around the compound making it safe and secure for over 1500 students ranging from Primary school to Secondary School . A new 22 room wing has been built and tens of thousands of dollars worth of school equipment bought ready for its opening in December 2012.

Syke St School – New Building

Education, Clothing & Food


Now in 2013 our sponsorship plans include further development of

(a) New Toilet Block

(b) New Medical Clinic Building

(c) Complete Refurbish of the Old Class room building to include a kitchen and add (2) undercover awnings for dining area to act as canteen and covered play areas.

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St Eleftherios and St George, Syke St – Greece Sponsorship

As Rev Themi says, “In everything we do we have a spiritual agenda; and the sum of this agenda is to above all, show the Love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord” he goes on to say, “everything we do is free, we do exactly what Christ said to do Freely Receive and Freely Give, there are no strings attached”. The church of St Eleftherios and St George occupies a corner of the school and children and parents are free to come and go as they please, no one is forced or ordered to attend church, and at the end of each Sunday service we feed our parishioners and any persons that walk off the street.

Below are 360 view of the Syke St School
use your mouse to move the view.

The above view starts at the far left, with the main entry iron gates to the school compound., with the security hut to the right of the gates. And next to the security hut is the Administration building . In the background is the new school wing, then in front of that the old school building and moving to the right we see the church of St Eleftherios and St George.

Taken from the far left rear corner of the compound this view shows a grassed area which is the position for the new toilet building and to the right the area between the old and new wings looking up to the main entry.

The above view starts at the Priest & Visitors houses, taking in the church, the rear of the Clinic and finishing on the grassed area where stage 2 of the school will be built.

This view is from the disabled housing side starting at the iron gates that separate the 2 compounds taking in the houses that the mission built for the disabled peoples and their families.