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successThank you for your kind gift helping Rev Themi help the poor in West Africa.

Please be aware the funds you have gifted are
Not Tax Deductible,
These funds, your gift;  go direct to Fr Themi, helping him Feed the Poor, operate his mission or help him achieve a specific cause that fall outside of the Tax Deductible regulations in Australia and or the United States.
If you would like to receive Tax deductible receipts in future, please use our Tax deductible options
on the Paradise 4 Kids website at

For Australia use the Tax Deductible options here –

For the United States use the Tax Deductible options here –

For the United Kingdom use the Tax Deductible options here –
There are no Tax deductible options outside of Australia the United Kingdom and the United States.
Thank you for thinking of the poor.
Good News Text atf the Rev Themi and Friends Trust
Thank you and God Bless you


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