Paradise 4 Kids

1998 – Vintage Rev Themi

In 1998 Rev Themi visited Brisbane Australia for a series of lectures at the GOC of St George with Rev Dimitri Tsakas.

Below are 2 series in 4 parts each where he spoke about the

The Apocalypse  1,   2,  3,  4
and  The Resurrection  1,  2,  3,  4


PK4A short story-

In late 1997, I forged a life long friendship with the newly appointed Jnr parish priest of the GOC church of St George in Brisbane Rev Dimitri.

After months of talk over coffee, Rev D asked if would sponsor a series of lectures by his good friend and college lecturer Brother Themi.
He went on to tell me that this man was one of a kind and would inspire whoever listened to him to seek God and his kingdom.

I agreed. Years later PK4A was established to help Rev Themi embark on a life of serving the poor in Africa.


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