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Rev T “I need your help more than ever”

If you only listen to one of our blogs, this is the one!

Today I spoke to Fr T and explained that this year we had added a number of new fundraisers and given he was unable to attend, because of the EBOLA outbreak, that we (committee members in AU) were thinking that we might cancel these new fundraisers, as the response, was so far low.

… I would rather have walked over hot coals than listen to his response, I have never heard him so frustrated, it is hard to listen to, and not feel somewhat, helpless and even selfish.

(What really made me squirm, is his comment that he is making his own burial plans; just in case!)

Dear Rev Themi Friends and Supporters (in Australia and around the world), the world seems to be falling apart; nation against nation, wars, famines and deadly diseases.
And amongst all these evils, we have a man who cares nothing for himself, so now more than ever, we need to pull together and do the best we can to support this man of faith.

Please consider attending and supporting one of the fundraiser in your city, details for Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne HERE.

And if you can’t make it please consider helping with a donation or gift HERE.

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  1. Eleni McDermott says:

    I am here with Fr Themi doing my best to help in any way I can. It is hard every day to witness Fr Themi’s worry and concern for the many local staff we employ as well as the parishioners, disabled community, youth and families that are supported by your donations. Please continue to help us…August is the worse month of the year in this country with heavy rains (like nothing I have seen in Northern Territory and Qld) ..people are exposed to Malaria, Typhoid and so many other diseases as well as lack of adequate shelter in their homes. The EBOLA has just added another heavy heavy burden on men women and children. Prices for food, medicine and hygiene products have increased and we need help and your prayers. Lord have Mercy!.

  2. robert giannetti says:

    Just received first email from you and only just joined in the effort by providing funds directly into Fr Themi and Friends Trust account. I’m deeply moved by Fr Themi cries for help…May Our Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of Mercy and Comforter be with Fr. Themi and all those who are with him now in this great time of need. Lord Jesus Christ, have Mercy. Amen.

  3. Teorrah Kontos says:

    Amen! “The cause is more important!” Fr Themi is at the frontline of the Ebola crisis and needs our support more than ever. We need to seriously gather and raise awareness of this crisis. Let’s unite in the body of Christ and support Fr Themi’s mission. Please show your support at a paradise 4 kids fundraiser. God’s strength be with you.

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