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Non Tax Deductible

The methods in this column are Not Tax Deductible and go
Direct to Fr Themi via Paradise 4 Kids to help care for the poor.
Tax Deductible

The methods in this column are Tax Deductible, that
are used by Fr Themi under the guidelines of the IRS.

Not Tax Deductible

PREFERRED Online Donation Method for One Time and Recurring Donations
-Tax Deductible

or download the form here and FAX, POST or SCAN & EMAIL to P4K

Not Tax Deductible

Online Donations via Paypal. One Time and Recurring Donations.
For Monthly Recurring Donations
TICK the BOX next to amount on the Paypal page. -Tax Deductible

Tax Deductible

Direct Deposit – Tax Deductible

Email Linda for Details
Linda {at}

Paradise 4 Kids Inc has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Department of The Treasury acknowledged our status on Dec 11, 2013,
effective from March 22, 2012.

To comply with the 501(c)(3) IRS guidelines, every cent we send Fr Themi for his missionary work must be written into a “Grant” and the funds can only be spent along the Grant Application guidelines. For example, if we apply funds to build an Orphanage, these funds can only be spent building the Orphanage; if we apply funds to feed the poor, Fr Themi is limited to the figure and method in the grant as to how he spends the funds.

These same rules apply in Australia.
And in the 3rd World, these methods is not always feasible

Our sister Charity in Australia manages this challenge by setting up a Trust where they collect “Non Tax Deductible Funds” for all the expenses and works that Fr Themiconducts that fall outside Charitable Rules and regulations.
Examples of these expenses are *Staff and Priest Salaries;
*Funerals and Medical expenses for those who can’t afford them;
*Fr Themis many Feeding programmes outside the missions school community;
*Travel Expenses; Automobile Expenses; Power Expenses like gasoline, electricity;
*the list is endless and without them the mission cannot survive.

So, we have agreed to join with our Australian brothers and sisters in adding the option for “NON Tax deductible Donations” only via Paypal, but as always it is your choice.
These Non Tax Deductible Paypal gifts are collected by The Rev Themi & Friends Trust the Australian Trust Deed set up to receive monetary Gifts. The beneficiary is Rev Themi to use the funds as he sees fit in his work with the Poor, that fall outside the guidelines of the IRS.
The Rev Themi & Friends Trust” is a PRIVATE TRUST ABN (Australian Business Number) : 82 798 997 785 with a Corporate Trustee (Good News Text (International) Pty Ltd and donations are considered GIFTS and are “NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE” in the USA.

Paradise 4 Kids, Inc. has the ultimate authority to use donor contributions at its discretion in furtherance of its exempt purposes.  We look forward to putting your contribution to good use to support those suffering from poverty, violence, sickness, and a lack of education in Western Africa, the United States and throughout the world.

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