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Non Tax Deductible

The methods in this column are Not Tax Deductible and go
Direct to Fr Themi via Paradise 4 Kids to help care for the poor
Tax Deductible

The methods in this column are Tax Deductible, that
are used by Fr Themi under the guidelines of the ATO.

PAYPAL Online –
Not Tax Deductible

Online – Tax Deductible

or download the form here and FAX, POST or SCAN & EMAIL to P4K

Online – Not Tax Deductible

Online – Tax Deductible
SLE-013 Sierra Leone – Syke St School DEVELOPMENT

or download the form here and FAX, POST or SCAN & EMAIL to P4K

CommBank Direct Deposits – Not Tax Deductible

CommBank Bank
Rev Themi & Friends Trust
BSB 064-131
Acct No: 1041 1391

These funds are used by Rev Themi for Social Welfare such as feeding the poor.
Non Tax-Deductible via Good News Text as trustee for the Rev Themi and Friends Trust
These funds are Government Regulated and can only be
used by Rev Themi for Government approved projects via HADA.
Please TICK your preference to where you would like your
funds to go, or download the form here and

download the form here and FAX, POST or SCAN & EMAIL to P4K

P4K-AUS-LOGO-small-V2-JPEGParadise 4 Kids Australia (P4K-AU) operates under “Paradise 4 Kids Inc” incorporated in the United States, an approved Tax Deductible Charity under the IRS.
In Australia we offer Tax Deductible  Donations  receipts via
under the regulations of AusAid and the Australian Government.
Donations via HADA can only receive Tax Deductions.

The Rev Themi & Friends Trust is a Australian Trust Deed
set up to receive monetary Gifts. The beneficiary is Rev Themi
to use the funds as he sees fit in his work with the Poor.
The Rev Themi & Friends Trust” is a PRIVATE TRUST ABN: 82 798 997 785
with a Corporate Trustee (Good News Text (International) Pty Ltd and donations are considered GIFTS

*In Australia, the tradings names: Paradise 4 Kids-AU; Paradise Kids 4 Africa; P4K-AU; PK4A
are owned by The Rev Themi & Friends Trust


AustraliaIn Australia, AusAid and the Australian Tax Office have stipulated the types of projects that are able to receive this status.

1. Welfare assistance, that is the running of a mission or institutions, like schools, orphanages Food banks, individual sponsoring and the like activities are expressly excluded; – Not Tax Deductible.

2. The sponsoring of individual students / children to go to school or projects such as clothing and food packages are not permitted.- Not Tax Deductible.

3. Whereas assistance to a community that will help the whole community is tax deductible.  Like building a Medical Centre, but not the ongoing expenses of the Medical centre, or building a School, but not the ongoing expenses of the school.

4. If a projects  include micro credit, clean water supply or infrastructure benefiting the broader community as a whole, tax deductibility is acceptable.

So, because many people have the expectation that fundraising for the 3rd World is to help feed and clothe, and support the ongoing operation of a mission, we have set up Ezi Gift which is a Non Tax Deductible Donation and therefore goes to welfare projects like Feeding and Clothing children and their families.

Because all P4K staff are volunteers, and no salaries are paid, we are able to send all the funds, in their entirety, to the project except for bank charges levied against us when transferring the funds overseas.

All P4K projects are run by people who are personally known to members of the board and applications go through an examination process of a non related organisation (HADA), so before being accepted as a P4K project, it must pass HADA’s stringent government authorised process.

Once approved, all managers of projects are required to submit three monthly reports, for HADA’s ongoing supervision.

We value our Gift Deductible Recipient status and carefully look at all projects to see if they fit the criteria laid down by the Australian Tax Office. Some donors like to leave the distribution of their funds to the P4K board and send gifts marked “where most needed.”  This allows us to help a specific project when a need arises and having this  discretion is very much appreciated.

We trust that this explanation of Tax Deductibility is helpful to you in understanding how the system operates. We highly value your confidence and trust in us and thank you for your donations over the past 10 and more years to come.

Paradise 4 Kids, Inc. has the ultimate authority to use donor contributions at its discretion in furtherance of its exempt purposes.  We look forward to putting your contribution to good use to support those suffering from poverty, violence, sickness, and a lack of education in Western Africa, the United States and throughout the world

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