Paradise 4 Kids

Donate – P4K – UK & EU

Donations from United Kingdom can only be accepted by the below methods.

Non Tax Deductible

The methods in this column are Not Tax Deductible and go
Direct to Fr Themi via Paradise 4 Kids to help care for the poor.
Tax Deductible

The methods in this column are Tax Deductible, that
are used by Fr Themi under the guidelines of the HMRC.

Not Tax Deductible

Not Tax Deductible

We are currently in the process of applying for Charitable and Tax deductible status in the United Kingdom.

Paradise 4 Kids, Inc. has the ultimate authority to use donor contributions at its discretion in furtherance of its exempt purposes.  We look forward to putting your contribution to good use to support those suffering from poverty, violence, sickness, and a lack of education in Western Africa, the United States and throughout the world

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