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Donations from Australia can only be accepted by the below methods.

Non Tax Deductible
The methods in this column are Not Tax Deductible and go
Direct to Fr Themi via Paradise 4 Kids to help care for the
poor & mission expenses all at Fr Themi’s discretion.
Tax Deductible
The methods in this column are Tax Deductible, and are used by
Fr Themi under the guidelines of the ATO by way of Grants which
adhere to strict Accountability and Transparent reporting.
Give Once or choose to Give Regularly Online –
Not Tax Deductible – Fr Themi’s discretion

Give Once or choose to Give Regularly Online – Tax Deductible

Give Once Online
NOT Tax Deductible
Missionary personal Expenses

Give Monthly Online
NOT Tax Deductible
Missionary personal Expenses

Give Once or choose to Give Regularly Online – Tax Deductible

CommBank Direct Deposits – Not Tax Deductible

CommBank Bank
Rev Themi & Friends Trust
BSB 064-131
Acct No: 1041 1391

or download the form here and FAX, POST or SCAN & EMAIL to P4K,
Please make sure you TICK your preference to where you would like your funds to go

Ezi Gift & Ezi Donate are our EziDebit preferred method of giving

EziDebit is the term used to describe our online donation system hosted by Westpac. When clicking on an EziDebit icon you will be taken to a secure web-page to fill in the online form with your details, choose your method of payment, which includes all Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Australian Bank Accounts. Once completed and submitted, you will immediately receive an email to your nominated email account; a few days before the donation is processed you will receive a SMS to your nominated mobile/cell phone,
thanking you and reminding you of the pending donation; and a few days after the transaction is cleared you will receive a Non Tax Deductible receipt or Tax Deductible receipt, again, to your nominated email account.
(Please Check you emails spam box in case the email is marked as spam)

Paradise 4 Kids Australia (P4K-AU) operates under “Paradise 4 Kids Inc” incorporated in the United States, an approved Tax Deductible Charity under the IRS.
In Australia we offer Tax Deductible Donations receipts via HADA – HEALTH & DEVELOPMENT AID ABROAD AUST FD INC under the regulations of AusAid and the Australian Government. Donations via HADA can only receive Tax Deductions.
“The Rev Themi & Friends Trust“ is a Australian Trust Deed set up to receive monetary Gifts. The beneficiary is Rev Themi to use the funds as he sees fit in his work with the Poor. “The Rev Themi & Friends Trust” is a PRIVATE TRUST ABN: 82 798 997 785 with a Corporate Trustee (Good News Text (International) Pty Ltd and donations are considered GIFTS and are “NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE“
*In Australia, the trading’s names: Paradise 4 Kids-AU; Paradise Kids 4 Africa; P4K-AU; PK4A are owned by The Rev Themi & Friends Trust
In Australia, AusAid and the Australian Tax Office have stipulated the types of projects that are able to receive this status.

1. Welfare assistance, that is the running of a mission or institutions, like schools, orphanages Food banks, individual sponsoring and the like activities are expressly excluded; – Not Tax Deductible.

2. The sponsoring of individual students / children to go to school or projects such as clothing and food packages are not permitted.- Not Tax Deductible.

3. Whereas assistance to a community that will help the whole community is tax deductible. Like building a Medical Centre, but not the ongoing expenses of the Medical centre, or building a School, but not the ongoing expenses of the school.

4. If a projects include micro credit, clean water supply or infrastructure benefiting the broader community as a whole, tax deductibility is acceptable.

So, because many people have the expectation that fundraising for the 3rd World is to help feed and clothe, and support the ongoing operation of a mission, we have set up Ezi Gift which is a Non Tax Deductible Donation and therefore goes to welfare projects like Feeding and Clothing children and their families.
Because all P4K staff are volunteers, and no salaries are paid, we are able to send all the funds, in their entirety, to the project except for bank charges levied against us when transferring the funds overseas.

All P4K projects are run by people who are personally known to members of the board and applications go through an examination process of a non related organisation (HADA), so before being accepted as a P4K project, it must pass HADA’s stringent government authorised process.
Once approved, all managers of projects are required to submit three monthly reports, for HADA’s ongoing supervision.
We value our Gift Deductible Recipient status and carefully look at all projects to see if they fit the criteria laid down by the Australian Tax Office. Some donors like to leave the distribution of their funds to the P4K board and send gifts marked “where most needed.” This allows us to help a specific project when a need arises and having this discretion is very much appreciated.
We trust that this explanation of Tax Deductibility is helpful to you in understanding how the system operates. We highly value your confidence and trust in us and thank you for your donations over the past 10 and more years to come.

To comply with AusAid/Ato guidelines, every cent we send Fr Themi for his missionary work must be written into a “Grant” and the funds can only be spent along the Grant Application guidelines. For example, if we apply funds to build an Orphanage, these funds can only be spent building the Orphanage; if we apply funds to feed the poor, Fr Themi is limited to the figure and method in the grant as to how he spends the funds.


Contact us

Paradise 4 Kids Australia, (P4K-AU) is a full volunteer organisation in Australia operating as a sister organisation of Paradise 4 Kids Inc USA (P4K-USA) Paradise 4 Kids Cyprus (P4K-Cy) and Paradise 4 Kids Inc UK (P4K-UK).
No person or persons receive any remuneration.The website and its maintenance are kindly donated by 2plik8 Studios.
International Head Office – Brisbane, Australia; International Director – Louis Toumbas, Email: pk4a [at]
Cell/Mob: +61 411 739 379
Admin Officer Maria Toumbas Email: admin [at]
Postal Address – Po Box 5777 West End, 4101, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Australia – Sydney

Harry Mavrolefterou,
Email: pk4a [at]
Cell/Mob: +61 411 739 379

Australia – Melbourne

Jane Pallot,
Email: janepallot[at]
Tel: Mobile 0404040578

Monique Mokdissi,
Email: mmokdissi[at]
Tel: Mobile 0418 553 921

UK Head Office – 207 Wolverhampton Road
Pelsall, WS34AW
UK Director – George Tsiappourdhi
Cell/Mob +44 [0] 773 806 2863

United States Head Office –
3 Aldrin Drive, West Caldwell, NJ 07006, USA.
President – Gigi Souritzidis,
Cell no: +(1) (973) 650-9510
Treasurer – Linda Chelius,
Cell no: +(1) (973) 865 6796

Γραφείο P4K – Cy: Αγίου Αυξεντίου 12,
Αραδίππου, 7101, Λάρνακα, Κύπρος
Διευθυντής P4K – Cy : Ζαχαρίας Συμεού
Τηλεφωνο: +357 97902992

PK4A aka P4K is a full volunteer organisation raising funds for Faith, Food and Education in some of the poorest nations on Earth. We sponsor mission & missionaries recommended to us by Orthodox Monk Rev Themi Adamopoulo, who has served in Africa for over 20 years from the East Coast to the West Coast.
We also sponsor Rev Themi’s Orthodox mission in Sierra Leone in his work to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet the human needs, in the name of Jesus and through the love of Jesus without discrimination.

With 4 distinct and separate organisations, Paradise 4 Kids Australia, United States, United Kingdom and soon the European Union, we share one website, one faith, one goal and one Gospel; the Gospel of Jesus Christ, seeking to fulfill HIS words in Matt 25, to help those who Hunger, who Thirst, the Naked, the Sick and the Forgotten.

On average, more than 90% of all funds collected for Approved Grants are sent to Africa to be dispersed by Rev Themi. PK4A & P4K pay no salaries, have no staff, operate no offices, own no property, with all work and workers being voluntary. 2017 Report, 2016 Report, 2015 Report

Accountability and Transparency is of the utmost importance, so that we may be good stewards in our Lord’s Vineyard, inasmuch that we may hear the words “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

Paradise 4 Kids, has the ultimate authority to use donor contributions at its discretionn in furtherance of its exempt purposes.  We look forward to putting your contribution to good use to support those suffering from poverty, violence, sickness, and a lack of education in Western Africa, and throughout the 3rd world.

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