Paradise 4 Kids


The beginnings of PK4A-AU evolved out of a need of accountability and to comply with the laws in Australia for donations received for missions in Africa that Rev Themi was involved in.

For many years, friends of Rev Themi in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane would hold dinners or functions to raise awareness in his work as Apostle to the very poor in the areas of Faith, Food & Education, but with little accountability to Australian law.

In a chance meeting on the Gold Coast, in South East Queensland, Rev Themi was introduced to a already established Charity called Hopewell Hospice Inc, which also operated a subsidiary organisation called Paradise Kids, where children could come to ‘help heal their heartache’ when faced with a traumatic situation in their little lives.

From this meeting Paradise Kids 4 Africa was born and became another subsidiary of Hopewell and then in 2008 Paradise Kids 4 Sierra Leone was incorporated as a NGO in the country of Sierra Leone creating a full link from Australia to Sierra Leone and fulfilling all the laws in both countries and .

As time went on, it adopted the name PK4A and established active committees in the the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with supporters in every corner of Australia.

The heart of PK4A is to serve the Lord Jesus the best way we can by following his words in the book of Mathew chapter 25 and help the poor without discrimination, to teach people to fish for themselves, rather than just take handouts like a welfare system.

From these early beginnings, with different personalities, faiths and ideals, all members and supporters agreed that PK4A would

1. Remain a full Voluntary organisation.

2. That no persons or persons would recieve any remuneration for their work.

3. Where 20% of all funds raised would remain in Australia to help Australian Children.

4. Where 80% of all Funds be sent to PK4ASL governed by Rev Themi, for him to distribute where he see’s the  greatest need in teaching and sustainability.

From these beginnings PK4A support extends from East Africa to West Africa, thousands of Children and their families, hundreds of local indigenous employees working for and in missions.

PK4A helps build and teach management skills for the operation of Child Care Centers, Kindergartens, Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Tailoring Schools, Feeding Programs, Clothing Programs, Prison Programs and all for free and without discrimination; creating infrastructure in areas disable accommodation and self sustainability.

In Australia we operate under our parent charity Hopewell Hospice Inc Charity number 1194.

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