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P4K-USA-LOGO-small-V2-JPEGP4K is a non-profit organization that stands for Paradise 4 Kids Inc, established in the United States of America in March of 2012 with Tax Deductible Status under IRS 501 (c) (3) to help a huge needy population in the Orthodox Diocese of West Africa with it’s headquarters in Freetown Sierra Leone.

If you ever watched the movie Blood Diamonds, you will have an appreciation of this war torn land, filled with poverty, violence, sickness and lack of education. The good news is that things are miraculously changing there right now, and you can be a part of this effort. Our vision is to bring progress through love, education, food supplies, housing, medicine, and faith, and we need your help.

My name is Gigi Souritzidis, and I am the President of this amazing charity. Why is this so unique? Because P4K has been established by people who are not on salary. Every penny raised is directly used to help those in need. We are a volunteer army, which makes this an exceptional organization. It is humbling to partner with other incredible human beings on this planet who are willing to “pay it forward”, and use their time and talents to help this organization impact the world in a positive way.

When I was only 4 months old my mother died leaving me, along with her husband, and four sons in poverty like conditions. My Dad was forced to let me go to an orphanage to be fed and cared for. To his dismay, I was adopted out of the country, and sent from Greece to America where I was raised. The story of my life was positive. I was given to a Greek American couple who were unable to have children of their own and they were in their late thirties when they adopted me. They were thrilled to have a baby girl and showered me with love and beautiful surroundings. I was blessed!

You may have heard of other stories like this, my new parents were able to conceive a son two years after I came along! You know what else happened? I was reunited with my biological Dad and brothers when I was in my thirties. It should have been an “Oprah” special, because it was that beautiful of a reunion. I have been going to Greece every year to see them.

So how did I get involved with P4K? It certainly wasn’t by accident! I see God’s hand in it every way I look at it! I wanted to marry a Greek man because of my roots. (It came in handy when I met my family for the first time, since I was not raised speaking Greek)! I do speak Greek now. My husband was an Electrical Engineer when I met him and after we were married he went on to get a Masters Degree in Business.

Rev Themi in 2011

During his earlier years studying he worked his way through college and had a job as the custodian at St. Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Quincy, Ma. This is when he met an incredible man named Brother Themi, a monk from Australia, studying at Holy Cross Seminary in Boston.

Themi Adams in 1960

Brother Themi was a Rock Star in Australia prior to coming to America. He literally was, as a matter of fact, his band was a back up to the Rolling Stones when they toured Australia! (You can watch his story on You Tube). Brother Themi was legally blind, and therefore could not drive. My husband Peter drove him to different churches all over New England each Sunday to preach the Good News. They established a close friendship.

Fast-forward ten years later, my husband gets a Masters degree at Holy Cross School of Theology, and becomes a Greek Orthodox Priest. Brother Themi decides to go to the poorest place in the world, which he was lead to the slums in Nairobi, Africa and then to Sierra Leone after the civil war ravaged the country. He admired Mother Theresa so much; his conscious was not fulfilled until he lived with the poorest of the poor. This is where he has established Schools, Churches, Libraries, Missionary Housing, a Medical Clinic, and more.

He received funding from his friends in Greece and Australia to handle all these projects. Brother Themi, now a Greek Orthodox Priest has single handedly ministered to the needs of these people and educates thousands of children a day. Did I mention he also has 2 Doctoral Degrees? As a result of having to talk so much for teaching and preaching his vocal chords became compromised. Fr. Themi required surgery.

He came to America this past February and stayed with our family of five, (my husband and three sons). He decided to have vocal chord surgery by the Top Doctor in the world for this very specific procedure. Dr. Steven Zeitels has previously treated Steven Tyler, Julie Andrews, Cher, and Adele and now our very own famous Father Themi.

Because of this trip to the United States, he was able to meet many friends in America. So many people wanted to donate to this amazing project that this is exactly how Paradise4kids fell into my lap.

A philanthropist and friend of Father Themi, Louis Toumbas is behind the scene 24/7 helping to not only fund many projects, but also to set up internet access for fans to follow Father Themi and for all to see what next projects are planned. He has helped us here in America to establish a 501C to direct the donations for this cause. We will also give 20% of proceeds to children in America and other philanthropic purposes in America.

P4K-AUS-LOGO-small-V2-JPEGThe organization in Australia that started helping Fr. Themi is also called Paradise 4 Kids (Australia).
P4K-USA-LOGO-small-V2-JPEGWe also have named our organization, Paradise 4 Kids (USA).

Paradise 4 Kids is only possible because of individuals like you, who truly care to see the Good News preached and education, food, and clothing to be given to the less fortunate.

So, I always felt like I had an angel watching over me. I believe we all do. I had a deep desire to “pay it forward” because I was so grateful. I wanted to help other Orphans one day. I wanted them to have an opportunity to have a positive story of their own.
My dream was to someday establish an orphanage. Isn’t it amazing how after some 50 years later, because of a man called Father Themi my dreams to help others in this way has become a reality and it is just unfolding. God is good!

What is your vision to help the world become a better place? Will you join our family at P4K? Will you step up and become a leader in some way? We need medical supplies, prosthetics, school supplies, school buses, and medication, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Builders and Helpers. We need donations, $20/ can feed a child for a month. Join this cause and put a smile on your face and on someone else’s.

May God bless you richly, and may your riches be a blessing to others!

With heartfelt prayer and gratefulness,

Gigi Souritzidis, President, P4K-USA

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