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REV T LECTERNDear Friends & Supporters of Rev Themi

Fr Themi leaves Australia next week for a short visit in Greece and then onto Freetown.
P4K would like to share with you his missions current financial position.

AUSTRALIA- NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE – via the Rev Themi & Friends Trust
Every month, Fr Themis mission requires $10,000 USD from Australia, just to keep the doors open. As of today, we have 190 individuals that collectively gift $5,835 AU every month, leaving a shortfall of approx $8000 AU shortfall every month. ( these funds are Non Tax Deductible and are used for all Feeding Programs, Fuel & Power needs, Salaries and general expenses.

For the past 3 years Fr Themis “Waterloo Project”, with a budget of $550,000 USD has struggled for completion. Every month, 73 individuals collectively donate $4,590

USA – TAX Deductible
In the united states 62 individuals collectively donate $3160 USD of $4000 USD needed every month towards the Teachers & IT College to keep it operational and open.

From the US a further $8000 USD is donated by one individual which goes towards Feeding, Educating, Clothing, Medical and general caring for over 400 children from Waterloo which includes the EBOLA Orphans.

Fr Themi is in need of your help, and we ask you to please consider joining our monthly donation supporters for as little as $20 per month.

Fr Themi knows that we in the 1st World have many responsibilities with family support, school support for our children, church & community support and the list goes on.

But $20 a month is an amount that most of us can afford and in Fr Themis hands, $20 can do so much.

If you would like to join Fr Themi and his missionary works with the poor, please click on this link and choose your nation then follow the links and prompts.


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